It’s Your Brand. And It Has Purpose.

At Engage Marketing we work with companies needing to define or further define their brand, their purpose, and ultimately why they exist. This includes outlining the company’s foundational elements, clarifying cultural expectations, and developing the brand voice for both internal and external messaging. All of this comes together in the

Are You Ignoring Baby Boomers?

As everyone knows, no one likes to be ignored. Yet, many companies are doing just that to a huge demographic – the Baby Boomers – that still has a lot of buying power. For the last decade, marketers have been focused on the “it” demos: millennials and Gen Z. Although millennials

How to Develop Successful Experiential Marketing

Years ago, I worked for an ad agency that had developed a reputation for experiential marketing. Our work for very large brands was recognized in national press and industry publications. But in time, I came to recognize that our work was severely lacking.  Experiential marketing should be included as part

The Hidden Cost of Branding

What the Internet has accomplished is the ability for marketers, large and small, to get their brands in front of the public. So, whether it is recognized or not, this has increased the need for effective branding. What is Branding? While you can find different definitions, for the sake of

It’s Time for Social Media ROI

It’s 2019 and way past time for social media to be considered a reliable, and measurable, communications channel. It has been a key marketing channel, and in some cases, the only channel, that businesses, organizations, and the government use to reach their audiences. It’s time to ensure that the social