Social Media Videos Are Key to Engagement

Recently I watched an online video for an organization with which I’m associated. The people who created the video are not “content developers,” nor are they social media experts. Yet, on their own, they managed to create content to deliver their very important message. The decision to use online video

Using Social Marketing Techniques to Build Brand Loyalty

If you’re looking for marketing techniques to create long-term brand loyalty or launch your company as the preferred brand in a competitive environment, you’ll want to use “social marketing” techniques that have proven to create long-term behavioral change. The terms “social media” and “social marketing” are often used interchangeably, but

Be Ready When Your Brand Is Ready to Fly

You’ve invested valuable time and money to develop and create your brand message, voice, visual implementation and solidify your “Why.”  And now you’re considering expanding your brand.  But are you ready and how do you make sure your brand stays true to its core values when it “moves away from

Some Boomers, Are “Baby” Boomers

A few years ago the NAHB and MetLife Mature Market Institute conducted a comprehensive study dedicated specifically to analyze where 55+ households live, the characteristics of their homes, communities, where they moved to and from, as well as other key demographic information. The key findings of the study are quite interesting

What’s Your Story?

 Regina Marston   1 Comment

In today’s 24/7, 365 worlds of instant and constant information, we are all being barraged with things to read, watch, listen to, and share. The amount of content that is being served up on a daily basis is overwhelming and many brands are getting lost in the noise. The most