It’s summer, school is out, families are going on vacations, and traffic to your model complex will begin to slow down. In order to continue a robust sales pace, you need to create excitement and engage your residents and prospective customers to come to the community and tour the models. Here are some tips to beat the summer blues and capture more sales!

  • Increase your Social Media Image– Since school’s out and everyone has more free time on their hands, they will be spending more time on social media. It’s a great time to increase your activity on social media with engaging and shareable content that will engage, inspire and motivate your residents and potential customers to become loyal fans. Since summer is usually a very active time for cities to host outdoor events, make sure you are sharing local and regional content on all your social media pages. With the longer days, it’s the perfect time to take more photos and create more videos of your community, the models, amenities, and fun things that are going on in your neighborhoods and the city. Since more families are at home and creating their own memories in your community, make sure you include them in your social media with testimonials, videos and blog articles. People love to see themselves online, and they’ll be happy to share these memories with their social networks.
  • Host Kid-Friendly Events – Families who are looking for a new home would love to include their children in the search process. A great way to get the family out to your community is to host a series of kid-friendly events that will allow the kids to come out and discover all the great things your community offers, leaving the parents free to tour the model homes and learn more about the community. Summer is a great time to host some signature events that become a summer tradition for the community. Some great ideas for getting families out include:
    • Summer movie nights
    • Summer carnivals
    • 4thof July celebrations
    • Concerts under the stars
    • Arts & Crafts Fairs
    • Weekly Farmer’s Markets
    • Bikes & Hikes
  • Make A Splash! – If you have a community pool and clubhouse, or community gardens, make sure that you activate them for the summer season. Whether it’s a low-key, wine and cheese party for active adults or an outdoor fun in the sun event for families, your pool, clubhouse and community garden is an integral component of your summer celebrations. If your community hosts poolside events for your residents, make sure you are inviting your best prospects to join in the fun!
  • Keep Your Realtors Happy – During the summer, your local Realtor community can be a big asset in keeping traffic coming to your community. Since most corporate relocations take place during the summer, Realtors are usually very busy trying to assist relocating employees. One way to encourage loyalty and ensure that your community is on their short list of communities to show their prospects is to host summer Happy Hours to showcase your community to Realtors. Realtors love gathering, eating good food and drinking adult beverages! Another way to keep them engaged is to sponsor a Summer Sales Contest and give high-quality prizes to the Realtors who sell the most homes during the summer. Whatever you do, make sure your Realtors are happy and they will help you make summer sales sizzle!



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