Energy Upgrade California

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Project:  Energy Upgrade California

Clients:  California Public Utility Commission
California Energy Commission

Services: Envisioning, brand development, marketing & advertising services, budget development & management, market research, website development, digital marketing, social media, public relations, customer journey experience, retail intercept, community events, strategic partnerships, and community outreach.

Brand Story: Energy Upgrade California® is a statewide marketing campaign & education initiative committed to uniting Californians to strive toward reaching our state’s energy goals. We support California in its quest to double energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, below 1990 levels, before 2030.

Marketing Challenge: Overseeing a $52 million budget and a team of over 30 professionals, the brand was launched into a crowded media marketplace with an integrated multi-channel advertising and marketing campaign in only four months.

The Energy Upgrade California campaign was successful in educating, activating and motivating consumers through advertising, community events, strategic sponsorships, community-based organizations, digital advertising, social media, and experiential marketing.

The campaign resulted in an increased participation in energy efficiency and demand response programs for both the utilities and the state. The campaign played a significant role in ensuring that California residents and small businesses were aware of programs available and knew how to take action to reduce their energy use to achieve California’s aggressive energy and climate change mitigation goals for 2030 and beyond.