Redefining Events Amid Social Challenges and Beyond

We are all very aware of the impact COVID-19 is having on our daily lives, both personally and professionally.  “Social Distancing” is now a mandated practice that has disrupted the core of many businesses.  One specific outcome of “Social Distancing” is the cancellation of events, large and small. 

How will event cancellation impact business? Your marketing strategy plays an important role in your overall business plan, which includes introducing your product or service.

  • Events are key to an overall marketing campaign and essential to reach defined business goals.
  • Networking/Relationship building is a fundamental component of business development. Personal connection, facial expressions, voice fluctuation, and a handshake (yes, they will make a comeback) are an essential part of creating trust.
  • Events from gala’s to 5k runs are huge fundraising opportunities for non-profit charitable organizations.  The financial impact for these organizations and others that rely on event revenue could be devastating.

In a few months, the COVID-19 epidemic will be behind us and things will get back to normal, albeit a new normal. And that new normal will include things we’ve had to learn and remind us of procedural steps we’d often sacrifice in order to speed up completion.  

  • Online meetings and training will be incorporated with marketing and business meetings.
  • Businesses will ascertain the importance of sufficient lead-time for planning, promoting and executing events, training sessions and conferences. Depending on the size of an event and the new components needing to be incorporated, it can take 2-6 months (or longer) to plan. 
  • Re-scheduling and re-programming canceled events need to start as soon as possible.  Hundreds if not thousands of events in Southern California are going to be vying for new dates, times and programming at venues in an already crowded Summer/Fall calendar.

For now, during this time of “social distancing,” consider supplementing your marketing campaign with staged events. By utilizing a live-streaming, two-way platform you can connect and personally engage with clients for a model grand opening, new phase release, or a small reception to share information on a product or achieved milestone. These assets will continue to be valuable, even after COVID-19 is gone and “social distancing” is a thing of the past!


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